Hydro/Vacuum Excavation

Hydro vacuum excavation is a non-destructive method of digging using a high volume vacuum loading system, this works in conjunction with high-pressure water jets, that cut into the ground and loosen the soil. The vacuum hose remove water and soil simultaneously as it excavates. 

The process can also be used without the use of the high pressure water to vacuum loose fill such as sand, gravel and anything that fits through the 100mm vacuum hose. Hydromatic is able to safely excavate a specified area to the required size and depth without disturbing or causing damage to any underground services. 

We are able to remove sulage and debris from manholes and pits without the need to enter confined spaces. The hydro vacuum excavation process is primarily used to excavate safely around sensitive underground services such as Gas, Electricity, Data/ telecommunications, Water, drainage and tree roots, It is also used to pothole for the location and visual identification of underground services. 

Hydromatic uses Truck mounted Vermeer Hydro vacuum excavation equipment that is capable of removing up to 3000L of spoil in dry or liquid form. We can dispose of spoil as well. 

Please call Dan for pricing and estimates.

Hydro/Vacuum Excavation